Range Hood Control Panel
A range hood control panel serves as the main point of control for modern kitchen ventilation systems. This important component is essential for enhancing the ease of use, practicality, and efficiency of range hoods.
Disinfecting Cabinet Control Boards
Disinfecting Cabinet Control Boards are crucial parts that guarantee the exact and effective operation of these devices. They are an essential technology in today's society where sanitation and safety are top priorities.
Health Foot Control Board
Health Foot Control Boards offer precise and efficient control over foot health devices, ensuring optimal performance and user comfort. Designed with advanced technology, these boards cater to various therapeutic and diagnostic foot equipment, making them essential for healthcare professionals and wellness centers.
Integrated Oven Control Board
The ability to give customers a simple and dependable baking and cooking process is the value of the Integrated Oven Control Board. It guarantees that the oven will operate at the appropriate temperature for the allotted time.
Water Dispenser Control Board
Water Dispenser Control Boards provide seamless operation and regulation of water dispensing systems, guaranteeing clean and hygienic water supply. Equipped with safety features and customizable settings, these boards enhance user experience and are ideal for both residential and commercial water dispensers.
Street Lamp Controller
Street Lamp Controllers manage and coordinate the functioning of streetlights, offering energy-saving solutions and automated lighting schedules. Designed for durability and reliability, these controllers improve urban lighting infrastructure, contributing to enhanced visibility and safety in public spaces.
Temperature Controller
Temperature Controllers ensure precise temperature management in diverse applications, from industrial processes to household appliances. With programmable settings and sensor integration, these controllers optimize energy efficiency and maintain desired temperatures, making them indispensable for climate control systems and heating devices.
Air Purifier Control Board
Customers can customize and optimize their air purification systems using the Air Purifier Control Board to match their specific needs while ensuring ease of use and efficient air cleaning.
Toaster Control Panel
Toaster Control Panels enable efficient control and customization of toasting preferences, ensuring consistent and perfectly toasted bread slices. Equipped with adjustable settings and safety features, these panels enhance user convenience and are essential components of modern kitchen appliances.

Solar DC Lighting Kits
The Solar DC lighting kits we deal in, provide a convenient and economical solution to provide lighting in locations without or with unstable access to traditional electricity sources.
Waving Induction Switch
Waving Induction Switches recognize hand motions or gestures using a variety of sensor technologies to start particular processes or operations. They can improve accessibility for those with limited dexterity or movement, making it easier for them to operate equipment and enter spaces.

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